it’s wednesday

Today may appear to be another Wednesday here in Thailand, but actually, it isn’t.  Though it says “Wednesday” on the calendar it’s screaming… “FRIDAY!!!” to all students and teachers.  We have Thursday and Friday off this week, due to a Buddhist holiday (God bless the Buddhists, even though they are going to hell, we get a holiday out of it… was that a little harsh?  I’m sorry.)

So, most of us are very jittery today, all looking forward to 3:40, when that last bell rings.  Tonight myself, my room mate Amanda, and two of our Heidi’s are flying out from BKK to Phuket, a tropical get-away down south.  Never mind that this area is where the tsunami hit four years ago, but the towns have all been rebuilt in that time, and it’s only monsoon season, so hopefully we won’t see any tsunamis (if so, then you might be reading this, and I might be dancing in heaven.. but let’s hope not!).

I can’t wait to get away!  The weekend may be a little pricy, but that’s the whole point of living cheaply while we are here, and then saving up for weekends like this one.  I’m not totally sure what we have planned.. we will have quite an adventure when we get there. 

As far as teaching goes, starting next week all my Art Classes will be taught by another Thai teacher, and I will take over Grade 7 History (two hours per week) and spending the rest of my time preparing and organizing a school choir here at GES.  I’m quite excited about it, but very nervous about where to begin in the process of it all.  I know I will for sure have auditions for all the students, and from there, we’ll see how many are actually interested.  It may be a wide range of ages, Grade 4 through 12.  BUT, I have a feeling most interest will be from Grades 4-9 mostly.  I must say I’m looking forward to having someone else teach those Art classes.. that was very interesting.  

Alright, well there’s much more I could write about, but I am teaching a class in just a few minutes.  God has been so good to me, and I’m so thankful to be here, still.  I can hardly believe it’s been 6 weeks already!  Time has certainly flown by, and I’m just loving it here.  Continue to pray for me, just for patience as I teach, and for guidance with regards to beyond my year at GES.  I’m discovering more passions I never knew I had, and that will certainly have some amount of influence on my future pursuits.  

In HIS love…

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