just another day in Thailand

It was a typical Tuesday morning.  Well, I guess every day is quite different here at GES, but this particular Tuesday morning I had woken up earlier than normal since I had taken two naps the day before (after taking a pill for my sinuses that definitely was NOT non-drowsy).  So, I woke up, got dressed and ready, then ate some of my pineapple that I had gotten from the fruit man the evening before.

After our usual Tuesday morning staff meeting, I sauntered over to my classroom to find some enthusiastic Grade 4 students ready to greet me, and of course wanting to come in and enjoy the air con.  

We walked into the room, and they all commented on how much it smelled.. which I discovered the day before.  Lisa joked with me saying “I bet you have some dead animal in your air con!” to which I could only laugh.. not possible.. right??

Seven and several of the other students wanted to see Google Earth, so I showed them my house back home, and they were trying to show me theirs.  In the midst of the excitement of the morning, we heard a noise coming from the air con.. all of us (me included) began to scream; there was definitely something ALIVE in the air con moving around.  I quickly shut off the power, and the noises continued above our heads.  After more screaming, we soon saw a tail hanging, then a claw.  At that moment we all RAN for the door.. some strange creature had had enough of being up in the air con!  Before we knew it, there was definitely a RAT that fell from above, and was obviously quite frightened as it ran in circles around the room.

It found safety in one of the many cupboards with a handful of recorders.  I gathered a couple of my Grade 9 students, and by now there was a large crowd of students gathered at the Music Room door, too afraid to come in.  There was more screaming and drama, but finally we got the rat to come out of the cupboard, and I used my trash can to trap it.

Before I could come up with a plan of how we’d get it outside, one of my girls grabbed it with her bare hands, running out the door to throw it in the near-by bushes.. not to mention it was biting her all the way!  She of course then had to go to the hospital to get a rabies shot, but was present later that day in my Art class.  WOW!  What a brave girl, that’s all I have to say!

It was all the talk all day around campus, but definitely gave me something to laugh about.

Life is pretty funny.. you must admit.


So, my room still stinks and I don’t know what to do about it.  The music room is the place for many happenings; I’ve had two students throw up in the middle of class, and one bloody nose.. not to mention that I’m currently breathing toxic poop-air.  I need to find a way to remedy this.  Soon, before I pass out!

2 thoughts on “just another day in Thailand

  1. That is a classic story! I’m impressed by the fact that you trapped it…I would have opened the door and prayed that the rat would eventually leave the room. I hate rats

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