Summer, and updates

Hello new and old readers!

I just wanted to take a moment and update everyone on summer, and my upcoming trip to Nicaragua.

School.     Summer is well underway here in Dallas, with the temperatures to prove it!  I’ve been done with the Spring semester for nearly three weeks, but the summer session began as soon as the spring semester ended!  I’m taking just one class over the summer, The Gospels, online and so far I’ve been quite busy with it!  My work schedule has stayed the same so far, with our summer session of lessons beginning in two weeks.

Nicaragua.     Though my plane ticket has not been purchased yet, I plan to leave Friday, June 28 for Nicaragua, and to return July 6 or 7.  There are a few details to be ironed out still, and I’m in need of $600-700 more to be completely funded for the trip.  If you have more questions about my mission trip, please visit the Nicaragua tab here on my blog, and feel free to contact me by email if you have further questions, or would like to help support me financially to help with Vacation Bible School at El Padul in Nicaragua!

THANK YOU.     Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me for this trip to Nicaragua, and just through the past year as I’ve jumped into the deep end of my seminary studies.  God is so good, and I’m so grateful.  Thank you to everyone who has given financially so far, enabling me to go once again back to Nicaragua.  Words cannot say enough.



life seems to keep going

It’s crazy.  It’s August.  Summer is slipping by, but for some reason I’m okay with it, I’m looking forward to the cooler Fall days, and all that comes with that beautiful season.  Weather, and seasons seem to be able to transport you into places you long forgot, that happened to me today.  I was walking from one place to another at work, and noticed that the sky had begun to cloud up, which has happened a few times this summer, but never really started to rain.  Today was different, I could feel that it was going to rain, which actually is pretty unusual for us here, we don’t have Thunderstorms or ran much in the summer.  Strangely, I was taken immediately back to Thailand, naturally of course.  I just wanted to stand outside.  Soak it in.  Everyone always asks me, Do you think you’ll ever go back?, in fact I was just asked that again last night.  My answer is the same… I don’t know, maybe someday.

I miss it.  I miss all of you, my friends who maybe or maybe not still read my blog.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago we all arrived, met, and began our year-long adventure together, but it has been 2 years since that year began.  Crazy.  Some of you are still there, going on year number 3, 4….or longer.

The thing is this: life just continues moving on.  Never stopping so we can catch a breath.  It’s like a never ending marathon run… (since everything these days seems to relate back to running).

It’s still raining here.  I’m hoping the clouds will clear soon so I can go on my 4-miler today.  It might not.  I might be running in the rain.  Fun.

I was pointed to a few verses by several people day… just wanted to pass them along.  Psalm 3:3-4 “But you, O LORD are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.  I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill.” Psalm 34:10b “but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing”.

Last, but the best.. listen to this song.  Amazing.  I’ve been listening to it everyday, all day for the past few days.  For those who are thirsty, drink.

And I am desperate for Your touch
a glimpse of heaven through the glory of Your son
In a moment You can turn a life around
forever to be found in You

And I’m reaching out to find
there’s nothing greater then the love that holds my life
Your grace and mercy save me by Your blood
and swept away my shame away O Lord

Your love is like a fire, that burns for all to see
My only desire to worship at your feet
So let this fire consume my life
Let Your love take me deeper
draw me closer to where You are
’cause all I want is more of You
When you call I will follow
At the cross I surrender all
Jesus I belong to You

And I am surrendered to Your love
forever humbled by the message of the cross
I stand in abandoned in Your presence and embrace
I never be the same O God

Grace and peace to you.


Summer.  2006.  Four years ago.

I am automatically transported there when I listen to Hillsong United’s “United We Stand” album.

Came to My Rescue.  Currently has 73, no wait, now 74 plays on my itunes.  I love that song.  That’s my song, then, and now.  “In my life be lifted high, in our world be lifted high, in my love, be lifted high”.  I’m drawn into God’s presence through these words.  “Falling on my knees in worship, giving all I am to seek your face, Lord all I am is yours.  My whole life I place in your hands, God of mercy, humbled I bow down, in your presence at your throne”.

So, Summer 2006.  I was an intern at FBC, doing worship, youth, and anything else anyone told me to do.  Now, this is my place of employment, and also is the church I grew up in.  It was a hard summer.  But good.  A summer of letting go, and a time of embracing new things.  Many of the high schoolers at the time (I kind of became the youth pastor that summer), are now in college, and are some of my good friends today.  I love you guys, you all know who you are.

I could take you through that album, and tell you many specific memories I have of listening to it while at work, running, or playing soccer with my High Schoolers.  Worshipping.

I’m not sure what the point of this blog is, but I needed to write it, especially as I was listening to it just now.

Funny how time changes, seems slowly at the time, but it’s fast.  Then, I was 21, now, I’m 25.  Been to many places, seen many things, when I hear the songs now, the meaning remains the same, even though the scenery has changed: God is constant, and I must surrender to him.  I’m pointed to worship the Lord in an indescribable way when I hear many of these songs, even still.  I’m pulled to my knees, again and again.  What else can I do but worship?

“There is no one else for me, none but Jesus”.  Wow, that song could be another blog of memories.

For now, good night.