It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here for a month already.  Time flies when you’re having fun.. and when you are so busy and have no life!  

This Friday of course is the fourth of July, and will be my second Independence Day in a row that I haven’t been in the States to celebrate.  I do, however, have fond memories of our celebration last year in India.  I won’t forget our all day cooking we did for the extended Dozo family, and singing the National Anthem in for all the kids.  

On Saturday and Sunday a group of us will head over to one of the beaches!  I’m really looking forward to getting away from the city to see the beautiful beaches of Thailand… finally!  The change of pace will be nice.

In two weeks we have a four-day weekend that many of us are beginning to make plans for.  It’s looking like a group of us will take an overnight bus to Cambodia for the time!  I’m SO excited!  Who would have thought I would ever have this kind of opportunity!?  I’m not sure what to expect, all I’ve heard is the climate is the same as Thailand, but everything is also much cheaper there.  One of the “Wonders of the World” is there, Angor.  It’s a beautiful temple located by a village near Siem Reap.  Check it out online, I just did recently!  Anyway, so that will be July 17-20 and we are all looking forward to having a nice break from classes!

Every day I have to pinch myself because first of all, I’m in Thailand, and I seem to forget that easily!  I’ve become so used to many things here!  And second of all, I’m a MUSIC TEACHER… what the heck?  Did I ever actually thing that it was POSSIBLE???  Anyway, I still do find it very hard to believe.  

I will have more stories of the “Adventures in Teaching”… I’m too tired at the moment to go into the stories.. some of my experiences were probably strictly cultural, and others, who knows.. maybe just universal things that kids do.  Whatever it is, I’ll save my raving and ranting for another time.

AH yes, for those who are curious, here is my mailing address, for which I would love to receive letters, money, and any other valuable things :).  JUST KIDDING!  But I would love to get letters!  And if you had it in your heart to send me DARK CHOCOLATE or other things that cost an arm and a leg here, feel free!

Meridith Johnson
Global English School
24/29-32 Pracharat Road Moo 6
Ampur Muang Tumbon Talad Kwan
Nonthaburi, Thailand 11000

(I’m not quite sure if you need all that… but that’s the address I have for the school!)

Also, for those who would like to contact me, feel free to call me (FREE for you!) on Skype… 541.255.2159

One more thing, the link to my pictures.. all of them will be:

 (The previous link was for just my “June” album, now this link will show you all pictures that I post in the future).

On a personal note, there are clearly many areas in need of prayer, but here are a few prayer requests:

1. Health; my stomach has been mostly fine here, but I feel I’m coming down with a cold now
2. Patience with my students
3. Understanding of culture and other unknown factors
4. To become a more effective communicator and teacher
5. For more ways to be involved in ministry outside of GES 

6. For amazing teachers to work with and new friends to share in life with
7. Safety and a quick time of adapting
8. Blessings in MANY areas! 


I’ve taken more pictures around, and many of them are posted on my picasa site, but here area few for your viewing pleasure:



One thought on “Time

  1. It’s good to hear that you’re doing so well. Trea and I have been gone for two weeks on a mission trip and then a wedding, so I haven’t been able to check your blog. I loved your piece about peace and truth, good stuff! Blessings on all you do!

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