i don’t believe the weather man anymore

No seriously, I don’t.  It’s like the weather here in Oregon has become just like the weather in Thailand, it has a mind of it’s own, which actually I don’t mind much at all since we’ve had some beautiful sunny days with the weather getting up to 60 degrees some days.  That’s a good winter to me, seriously.

I’m eating some frozen Thai chicken thing for lunch, and wishing I was down at Sombat’s eating REAL Thai food, I guess this will have to do for now.

I haven’t blogged much about returning home to the States after a year overseas… well I haven’t really blogged much about anything at all in the past year.  Crazy to think that on April 2, 2009 I returned back to the States, almost a year ago.  Time flies, seriously.

The images and feelings are burned deeply in my mind, even still today.  I was sitting, freezing cold in the Portland airport, watching all the unhappy, fat, and dressed in black (I really don’t know if it’s all that slimming as they say) Americans pass me by, on to their next appointment, flight, whatever.  Busy busy busy.  I just sat in shock, staring at their cold, white faces, and wondering what the rush was.  I was used to the warm, tanned and glowing faces of the Thai people, who smiled all the time, even if they were in a bad mood, or if they were having the worst day of their lives.  It was certainly a shock to be back in the States.   I was ready for Spring, and warm weather, but apparently Oregon hadn’t gotten the memo I was coming back.

That day is still crystal clear in my mind, even today.  Once I arrived in Medford, it was cloudy and cold, but I was warmly welcomed by my family, whom I hadn’t seen in 1o months.  On that day, I also remembered the day I had left, the feeling in my stomach of excitement, with no fear at all.  Yet upon my return, I remember feeling very afraid.  Afriad I would forget Thailand, or that I was making the wrong decision to return, or that in this economy I wouldn’t be able to find a job… a job that was where my heart really was… worship ministry.

Thinking back, it’s easy to see I should have trusted, I should have had faith.. more faith than at the time.  Those are all moments I will never forget, mostly because it was a time when I was most vulnerable, most fearful, yet exciting at the same time.

I miss Thailand, a lot, but I know my life here is still an adventure, even though I’m extremely jealous of my dear friends who get to enjoy Koh Samet any weekend they want.  🙂

Blessings to all who still read.. hope you are well.

One thought on “i don’t believe the weather man anymore

  1. I feel ya, friend! Matt talks about Thailand all the time and would love to go back. What are you up to these days? Are you doing worship ministry? You’re still doing the grad school thing, right?

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