the day before

Well, tomorrow is the big day for school to begin!  For the past week, all the teachers here at GES have been in orientation not only for practical teach advise, but also for Thai culture/language, how things are run at the school among other topics.  It has been a LOADED WEEK, and we’ve been prepping for lesson plans whenever there have been spare moments.  We’ve been blessed to hear from people who have been here in Bangkok for a long time, and have studied the language and culture for years.  It’s been an encouragement to get to know them and hear their stories as well.  

Along with teaching music for grades 1-6, I will also be teaching Middle School PE, and Middle School Art.  I’m definitely nervous about EVERYTHING, but especially Art since I haven’t even been in the Art room, or have any idea what kind of supplies we have.  So, yes, I will be stretched in many ways here in Thailand.

There’s so much to say about everything here.  I’ve been here for over a week, yet because it’s been so packed with many events, it feels much longer.  I really do love it here in the city, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long in my life without experiencing it.  I always new I was a city girl at heart :).

This weekend, several of the GES teachers and myself decided to enjoy the time away from meetings and planning and went bowling on Friday night, and on Saturday night (last night) they took us to a small church called “Newsong” which was more of an “Emerging Church” coffee house style church.  It was more for the seeker, with pretty general teaching topics, but the worship was really good.  After church a group of us went to this great Indian restaurant called “Bombay Blues” and enjoyed conversation for several hours there.  

At any rate, tomorrow is the big day.  I’m definitely nervous, but Monday and Tuesday are half days, so that will give me more prep time since the days are shorter.  

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  Things are going so well, and it’s been such a time in my life filled with God’s peace.  This job… ministry.. mission… whatever it is, has happened by no mistake, that is for sure.

I’ve put up pictures on a Picasa web album for easier access.. I’ll update it whenever I take more pictures!  Some of the pictures I’ve posted are from my great photographer friends!  Enjoy!

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