Land of Smiles..

After my long flights… 18 hours total, I finally arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday about midnight (Friday at 10 AM West Coast Time).  I collected my two just-at-fifty-pound-bags then stepped out and was warmly greeted by two of my fellow teachers from GES.  Seamlessly, everything happened during my travel time.  We then traveled the 30-40 minute taxi ride to the school and unloaded at the campus.  

How do I even begin telling you all what it’s like?  To begin, it actually feels like a long lost friend, and the familiarity of their face, smell and everything about them just fits perfectly.  That’s how it felt when I walked outside the Bangkok International Airport two nights ago.  Stepping out in the sticky, hot air felt just like home.. oddly enough.  The air is different than India.  Although it is very hot and humid in both places, the air has a certain smell in Thailand.  It’s a sweet smell, with adventure calling out to me around every corner when I walk the streets.

I can’t explain it, but I was made for this.  Just being here.  On all of my flights here, I just felt myself surrounded by the LORD’s peace.  I was pretty shocked, because knowing myself, I thought I’d be bawling my eyes out, especially upon arriving in my room.  But no tears so far.  I was made to be here in this time of my life.  I’m excited to watch in awe and wonder what the LORD does during these next 10 months.

The jet lag is actually not so bad this time around.  I’m feeling well rested today, and have really enjoyed getting to know my new friends/fellow teachers.

I believe that’s it for now.. blessings to you all.  Thank you for your prayers and love.First day in Thailand.. playing!Lecture in the temple..


Thailand Arrival

Please see above link for photos!

4 thoughts on “Land of Smiles..

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Merda! I’m so glad you’re there and that the adjustment thus far has been pleasant.

  2. The pictures are great. We are glad you are there and safe. I continue to pray for you. We miss you–but sense God’s leading you.

  3. Meridith:
    Am praying for you and the great things God has in store for you. It is very exciting! I so appreciated your feelings when you got off the plane… that peace that passes understanding, that contment that comes from KNOWING this is what I have been called to do… Blessings to you… looking forward to more pictures and news… Blessings to you Deb Prosise

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