Tuesday Thoughts

I’ve hit an interesting point in my seminary education that’s hard to describe.  As one of my favorite profs put it: you get to the point where you know enough to be dangerous.

Maybe it’s that.  Actually, it’s more than I know enough where when I talk about some of these concepts, ideas or Biblical textual criticisms/perspectives I can begin a discussion.. but… I don’t know enough to really “know” it.  Am I even making any sense?  Probably not.  There I go again…

I’ve been thinking a lot….
That’s not new for me, but I’ve been think a lot about forgiveness, life, dreams, aspirations, singleness, changing of seasons, longings, Christmas, money… the list goes on.  Sometimes the brain just needs to be turned off.  Like now, yup, now would be a good time.

I started this blog thinking it would turn into some kind of spiritual devotional for all my masses or readers (insert sarcastic eye roll), but, nope.  It’s not going to be that.  I’ve been sitting here on the couch since I got home from work a couple of hours ago working on some other work-ish projects.. now, bed time.

If anyone is even reading anymore, peace.  Blessings.  I miss y’all.

Yes, I just said y’all.  I am Texan now.

One thought on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I believe that sometimes, the best forms of devotion is purely the truth of what we feel in the moment we’re in. The fact that you showed through your words that you have what we in mental health, call “anxious thoughts” makes you more human.. therefore, making it easier for us non-seminary people to relate to you. Thank you for sharing!

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