My time spent away from blogging more than just songs or devotional thoughts quoted from other authors has not been without reason.  And definitely not because I don’t have anything to say.  If anything, I have more to say now than ever before in my life.  And it would probably be an incredibly beneficial act as a Graduate Seminary student to craft some of the Bible and Theology I’ve been taught into my own words.  I also am in a journalism class that will likely be a huge contribution to my stress level this semester, but could possibly transform me into a better writer than I’ve ever been.  The book we’re reading now continues to stress that it is important to write regularly, and blog regularly.  Both I have failed miserably at recently.

This is an attempt to change my silent, non-blogging days into days filled with words.

We will see how long this lasts.

Time is quickly passing, just life, and time tonight.  My mind always comes alive in the early hours of the night.  I continue to blame this on “never really getting off West Coast time.”

My simple thought for tonight comes from the book of Genesis, in the first couple chapters of the book.  My Old Testament Professor has spent the first three weeks of this semester carefully navigating the first handful of chapters of the Bible.  The experience has been one of beauty and wonder.

Examining the fall, in Genesis chapter 3, there are a great number of questions we can ask the text as we study and look at it.  One of the most perplexing to me has been: where did evil come from?  The enemy of God, the serpent in this portion of scripture, wasn’t “created”; it simply is introduced as a character in the narrative.  Many argue the “old age earth” position, saying that this specific description of creation was a second creation, leaving a great deal of room for imagination to step back and consider about all the possibilities.  

Regardless of where evil and the enemy of God came from, it is beautiful to see the relationship between God and mankind in the garden; simply amazing knowing God walked with Adam and Eve.  God provided for every one of their needs, and they shared in deep, personal relationship with Him.  

The picture painted of God caring for mankind, who was made in his own image is one I long for today.  Theologians speculate about the change that happened after the fall for humans.  Did our God-likeness change?  Relationships?  Diet?  Atmosphere?  Needs?  Some of those questions are addressed and answered as the narrative of Genesis is told, but the relationship between God and man certainly was no longer what it was in the garden, in the beginning.

At this point it would be easy to pull out the “Jesus” card and talk about Christ as our mediator in our relationship with God.  But.  I’m not going to.  I think it is important to ponder these opening chapters of the Bible and simply consider.  Ask questions.  Wonder.


2 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. I like this, for several different reasons! You’ve always had a unique perspective on the relationship between God and man and life in general and I think it would be interesting to see those thoughts written out. If you want something to hold you accountable, I suggest “The Daily Writer” by Fred White.

    It has a bee on the front. Basically it’s 365 short exercises for improvement. I use it, although I often just think about what I would do rather then doing it – so I don’t know if that counts. ha!

  2. This is really interesting! I totally agree with you and it reminds me of a song I wrote a few years ago called before the dark:

    People live, people die
    Day by day the Earth roles by
    But I believe there was a day
    When things were not this way

    Before the dark, before the day
    When effulgence sailed away
    I want to live, I want to walk before the
    Time, before the hour
    When the sunshine killed the flower
    I want to live I want to walk before the dark

    Oh Lord, you’ve saved us
    Taught us how to say:
    Oh grant that we may see
    The way that it should be today

    Before the dark, before the fall
    Before the people knew it all
    I want to live, I want to walk before the
    Time, before the hour
    When the sunshine killed the flower
    I want to live I want to walk before the dark


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