Thai greetings

We will see how long I can stand typing on my iPod touch… I’m already tired.

Thailand always waits to welcome with open arms. It’s just as beautiful and amazing as I remember. I have missed it, but I do not miss the struggles of living here, which I so quickly remembered almost days into my trip here.

There is extreme beauty here but there is also extreme ugliness as well. Thais elevate the idea of always appearing nice, without desiring to “beautify” the inside. You see this knowing the trafficking issues here, and you can see it on the face of every Thai who is Buddhist but still has no concept of a personal relationship with a god. It is as foreign as this land still is to me.

I can’t believe I’m still writing.

I am glad I came, but I’m also glad to be going back. Being back to visit reminds me of my purpose back home, where God wants me to be now.

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