wrestling the angels

sometimes, we wrestle with angels
sometimes for a name
sometimes for more than a name

i wrestle for life
to feel my flesh and blood
and know it’s real

to fight for living
and breathing
and being human

give me a name
give me a task
tell me what you want me to do

the path is too dark
to meander to and fro
so just tell me what you want me to do

give me a name
call my heart from where it lies
rescue this drifting soul

God himself is with us
God has made his home among us

Among us wretched sinners
filthy and scarred
carrying our shame and sin

He has made his dwelling
yet we still wrestle with him
for a task and a name

Give me answers
Give me peace
Give me something i still can believe in

Give me joy
Give me life
Just give me You

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