touch points

words seem to fail me all the time these days.  i should just stop talking, because i never can say the right thing.  i don’t even know what i really want to say either.  even right now.

the moment a heart breaks, one can never really know how they will survive.  i’m not trying to be dramatic, just honest.  i think that’s why we fear love.  intimacy.  we never know when the heart will break and we never can know if it will fully be put back together again.

it’s easier to just not feel than to let yourself feel sometimes.

i was driving home tonight after running with a friend.  rolled my windows down, opened my sun roof, letting in the crisper-than-usual september first air.  it was peaceful.  sometimes we have to search for those moments of peace.

the moon was also really amazing tonight.  just a sliver in the distance.

i don’t really know what i’m trying to say, but for some reason it didn’t need any capital letters.

2 thoughts on “touch points

  1. read this once, and then again. i agree completely, except for the part where ‘you should stop talking’..And also, I like how you pointed out that at least, not fully put back together, we do survive. sounds depressing, but is really, really important good news.

  2. true. i guess you didn’t need capital letters because you never thought about it. this is something pure out of your heart and you just typed without thinking about anything else. it was beautiful, and i can feel your sadness and confusion. thanks for posting!

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