someday everything will start making sense
the fog will clear
and the sun will shine brightly again

someday i’ll stop questioning all that’s right in front of me
and have a reason to trust again
to start to trust you

someday i won’t be blinded by fears
i’ll start to run again
like there was nothing holding me back

someday i’ll throw off these chains i keep clinging to
and realize i’m much, much faster
without them

someday i’ll be able to scream and yell
and tell you exactly what i keep wanting to say
that i love you and hate you all at the same time

someday i’ll be totally honest to everyone
instead of lying to myself
and anyone who looks into my eyes

someday it won’t matter anymore
because you’ll already know what i’m going to say
before i even say it

someday i’ll learn to trust
someday i’ll actually be loved
someday i’ll really, really live

but probably without you.

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