Marathon diaries: “week zero”

According to my training, this is the hardest week, because I am forced to rest.  So true.  All I want to do is run actually… what kind of a sick addiction is this??  I just ran 26.2 miles on Sunday!!

I’m still sore, and still discovering weird marks and bruises on my body.  The human body and mind was created to do crazy, seemingly impossible things.  I remember when I first began running several years ago, I could hardly muster to jog a mile without getting out of breath and tired.  I still can’t believe  I ran 26.2.

My heart is quiet today.  Thinking about many things.  I’m sitting here in my office, probably should be doing other things, but I’m very pensive today, needing space.  Needing air to breathe.  Speaking of, I really need a plant in my office, a big one.  And I also need to go see a dentist, my teeth are being weird.  Wow, random.

There’s a lot I could say about Marathon weekend.  Many unexpected things, many expected things.  The rain was one of the unexpected-expected things.  This will be only the 3rd time in 39 years that it’s rained during the Portland Marathon, which is odd, considering it’s Portland, and it’s October.  Strange.  It was refreshing though, made the experience even more intense and hard-core I suppose.

I think this peace and calm I feel today is just what I needed.  After the marathon, I felt really restless, anxious, and wondering what was going on.  Running for over 5 hours is crazy… actually your body goes into fight or flight mode without food for that long, and because levels of cortisol are raised in the body.. the stress hormone.  Weird, the body is weird.

There are so many spiritual parallels with running, it’s crazy.  This journey has definitely been a spiritual journey just as much as physical. Training the body to do unimaginable things.  Training the heart and human will to follow the Spirit.  Both difficult to do.  I’ll spare you from all that now.

For now.  Work.  Later, first run since Sunday!  Yes!!! 😉

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