I know, I know.  I haven’t really posted anything lately, but it’s not because there isn’t anything going on…. far from that!!  Life is busy, life is confusing, life is… life.  Some days I feel like I’m just trying to survive and come up for a breath, then other days I’m just drinking in the air by bucketfuls.

I’ve been bit by the travel bug again.  I’ve been back for over a year from Thailand, and since then I haven’t done much traveling, but thankfully I was able to get away for a vacation to visit my dear friend Tiffany in Maui, and have a reunion of the groupies with Bridget too!!  It was good to get away, but now I just want to travel MORE!

Life is weird.  I don’t have a plan.  I’m here, and I’ll stay here until God tells me to move.  It’s weird because I feel like people are waiting to see what I do next, and I always think to myself, “dude, I don’t have a plan, I’ll do the work God gives me now, then when He wants me somewhere else, I’ll move on”.  I’ve been asked that a lot lately, just people wondering what my future plans are, and how long I plan to stay in Medford.  So yeah, if you were wondering that, I have no idea.  Life here is fine, but at times I feel myself falling into complacency, even apathy at times.  God has meant our lives to be an adventure of serving and knowing Him, how could that be mediocre?  I’m trying not to be there.  Just so you know.

This summer hopefully holds lake days, sun, lots of running, and who knows.  I love summer.  Can it be summer now?

I have no idea where this blog is going.

Thank you faithful readers, if there are any of you who’ve even made it to this point in the blog.

So, I’m reading The Forgotten God by Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love), and really enjoying it.  It’s nothing I didn’t already know, but it’s been really interesting to explore scripture with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit.  It’s an easy read too- I started the book on the flight back to Portland and read about half of it.  I’m trying to be better about finishing books.  I literally have about 20 books I’ve started, but just haven’t finished.  Sometimes some books need to be read slowly, to soak in all the information, that’s my philosophy.  But it’s not really helping me to move on to other books, I just start new books without finishing the others.  Weird.

I really don’t have anything else notable to report.  I am not taking classes at this time for my Master’s, things have just been too busy, so I figure I’d rather take classes when I actually have the time to do the work, instead of just doing the work to do the work.

Okay.  That’s all for now.  Maybe more later… more blogs than just once every two months.  I promise.


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