Brandon Heath- No Not One

If you get a chance to listen to this song, or this album, DO IT!  Brandon Heath’s album- “What if We”, is an incredible challenge to Christians, just give it a listen and you’ll be blown away.  It’s been on my ipod for a few months, but I’ve just recently discovered the richness of Brandon Heath, especially this particular song- “No Not One”.  Other great songs on the album are: Give Me Your Eyes (no, it’s not encouraging stealing of others body parts), Trust You, and Love Never Fails.

Listen Here:

No better word than from your lips
No perfect life than what you lived
No greater gift, no not one

No brighter star has ever shined
No better hope for all mankind
No higher mind, no not one

No one has ever known
This kind of love you’ve shown

There has never been a greater love
Than your son
No, not one
And there’ll never be a name above
No, not one
With his life you have forgiven us
Hope has come
Hope has come
And there will never be a greater love
No, not one

No image true or sweeter frame
No simple word can match your name
No greater fame
No not one

No one has ever seen
The depth of your majesty

No greater call
You gave us all a reason to live
No greater love
You gave us all a reason to give
No greater life
You gave us all a reason to shine
No greater love
Forever mine

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