i just sneezed

Okay, so since being back in the States, I really forgot how much people freak out about cold season, but especially now, because of the Swine Flu.  Anyway, I just sneezed, and I work in a building that is a school, and many of the teachers and staff have been sick over the past week.

But here’s the thing, normally who cares about getting sick, just get sick and get over it, right?  Well, it just so happens that Lindsay’s long expected/long planned wedding is this weekend, and after it’s all over, Sunday morning I still need to get up and lead worship.  My job depends on me being WELL and being able to sing, so I can’t get sick.

I just bought “Wellness Formula” that apparently is the “#1 Immune Formula”, well it better work.  Crap, 2,150% daily value of Vitamin C!!  This better work.  “For best results, be taking Wellness Formula tablets at the very first signs of imbalances in your well-being.  During imbalance, take 3 tablets every three hours.”…. wow.  2,150% daily value of Vitamin C every 3 hours.  Okay, pleassseee work!

The crazy week begins.. well it already has begun, but Mike arrives tonight (and yes Lindsay, I’m excited to meet him).

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