wounds, scars, and healing

I ran across this excerpt this morning, and thought I’d share it you all… hope you all have a great weekend!

FROM LONG EXPERIENCE of working with various traumas, I have come to believe that with a commitment to hard work and prayer, even the worst is healable. I don’t mean that a deeply wounded person will somehow be able to just go on with life as if the wounding never occurred. Scars can be redeemed and turned into gifts, becoming a source of wisdom, love, and even joy that can be tapped to help others. Again and again I have seen this happen as hurting people experience the healing of Christ. A deeply wounded, profoundly healed person is like a tree that has grown around a boulder; sometimes the tree actually incorporates the boulder into its structure. A boulder tree is especially beautiful and becomes an inspiration to those still struggling to grow around their own obstacles.

– Tilda Norberg
Gathered Together: Creating Personal Liturgies for Healing and Transformation

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