Colorado, worship, the Kingdom of God

Goodness, I have so much running around in my brain.  I feel renewed, yet exhausted at the same time.  Is that even possible?  I guess…

I just got back from an amazing Worship Conference in Colorado Springs, at New Life Church.  I didn’t really know what to expect exactly, it’s been years since I’ve gone to a worship conference, especially one of this number!  There were about 3,000 people there, and over 40 States represented.  Each day was filled with great speakers, amazing times of worship, and great fellowship.

I feel emotionally inspired, yet overwhelmed.  God is so big, why do we always forget this?  My passion and calling to worship ministry was deepened during this conference, in a way I can’t really explain.  Worship is something so sacred, and so unexplainable.  There are so many ways worship ministry can be done in church as well, I’ve only seen a few models of worship.  As a worship leader, I’m called to lead, no matter what the circumstances.  I also must speak and guide with boldness, and will conviction.  I need those.

The Kingdom of God.  Also not a light subject.  I have my big paper due on Sunday, and I’ve been trying all day to get another big dent into it, but it hasn’t happened.  Before I left for the conference, I made myself finish at least the first section, now I’m working on the next.  It’s such a hug subject just to put a definition on… ehhh.  Many of you have asked to read it, I’ll post it on my blog as soon as it’s finished.  The pressure of so many people wanting to read the paper also makes me want to perfect it… I’ll try, but I’m only human, so no heavy pressure, ok?

5 thoughts on “Colorado, worship, the Kingdom of God

  1. I’m curious about what you mean when you say “I feel emotionally inspired, yet overwhelmed.” Is it that you feel alone in your worship leading journey? Do you question your measure for success, not knowing whether you’re really being effective? Do you struggle with how to help people really “get” what worship is about? I’ve been to my share of excellent conferences, but always had a tough time implementing what I had gained because I had no one to walk with me once I got home. Is this how you’re feeling?

    1. Thanks for you comment Dave. I guess worship conferences are always such a confirmation and inspiration to your ministry, yet also overwhelming because you realize how many changes you could make to your worship ministry. So in essence, yes I do feel that it’s hard to know how to implement everything you learn, and how you translate that to your own church!

  2. Well many of them are long-term changes, such as learning how to do multi-generational worship better, teaching about “theology of expressive worship” etc…. It has mostly inspired me to continue to put my heart into every element, and decide what changes should come first. It’s also hard for my church especially to make any big changes in the summer, so anything I decide I want to happen, will most likely happen once school starts again!

    1. So, Meridith, it’s basically my job is to develop worship leaders, coaching them to enable Divine-human connections by leading people in honest relationships with an intimate, all-powerful Creator. By demystifying the practical dynamics of serving in church worship services, and connecting leaders to the passion and joy that lives within their hearts, my unwavering purpose is to encourage the hearts and equip the hands of worship ministry leaders so they can serve well and build enduring ministries. I’m amazed at how many worship leaders I connects with who are burned out, just going through the motions, who have no sense of what God is doing among them, who are working from their heads, not their hearts, who have no real idea if they are even being successful, if they’re making a difference.

      I’m not saying you’re there at all [in fact you sound pretty sharp and centered], but if you’d ever like to work on something, I’m here! Cheers…

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