miles and miles

Upon my arrival back to the States on April 2, I have traveled, and will continue to travel a great many miles!  I know I’ve spoken a little about my travels, but in case you were interested, here’s a bit of how things have gone:

Medford-Redding-Medford for Easter (300 miles)
not to mention our trip from Redding to Sacramento for the Hillsong United Concert (294 miles round trip)

Then there was the trip up to Salem to take Andrea college visiting (227) and back (227)

Medford-Redding-Visalia-Seal Beach-Mission Viejo… (720 miles) then back home (720 miles)

Then a wedding in near-by Klamath Falls (152 miles round trip)

I took a rest from driving for a while…. but right now, I’m in Gold Beach, Oregon and will return back to Medford tomorrow
(324 miles)

Then next weekend I’ll drive up to Portland and back for a bridal shower (546 total)

On the 21st, after my bridal shower I will drive to Sacramento (308 miles) to fly to Denver (888), then back (888) then driving back to Medford (308).

THEN, I will drive back up to Portland for Emily’s wedding (546 total)…..

AND the grand total is:::::::::: 6,451 miles!!!!!  WOW!

WOW, I feel exhausted just  figuring how how many miles I had actually traveled, and will travel!  ANYWAY, I’m in no way complaining about the miles traveled.  I’ve gotten to spend precious time that I cannot get back with people that I love to be with and live life with.  The longer I live, the more I realize how much friendship must be pursued and cultivated in order to continue and last.  Sure, it takes effort, it takes blood, sweat, and sometimes tears, but friends are always worth the effort.  ALWAYS.  Wow, this blog turned into a sentimental, feel-good blog about my friends, and I didn’t even intend it!

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