quick update real quick-like

It’s strange, for the past two summers, every June I’ve boarded a plane and headed to East Asia or South-East Asia. This time, I am not.

Truthfully, it will be nice to be home for a summer. The last time I was home for summer was in 2006, so weird.

Well, so far this is a really boring blog, and I’d be impressed if you made it this far. Anyway, I have a summer of worship and ministry ahead of me, which I’m really looking forward to. In about three weeks, I plan to head out to Colorado for a Worship Conference which I can’t wait for!

Okay enough of this lame blog.. hope you all are well, whoever reads my blog anymore these days!

One thought on “quick update real quick-like

  1. I do! 🙂 Meredith, though I barely got to spend time with you, I’ve always enjoyed your liveliness, smile and life stories. Keep blogging. At least I’m one among your followers.

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