update of sorts

I feel like the clock is ticking, and sometimes I LOVE that sound, yet other times I hate it.  

This week.. I was glad.

I think I’m coming to a point of exhaustion.. actually I KNOW that I’m at that point.  Most teachers get a summer break, which I was about to have, then I left for Thailand.  I’ve been grateful for our breaks during Christmas and October, but I’m ready for a season of rest (hopefully) when I get back.  I can tell my patience level with the kids is quite low recently… and I don’t want that to affect anything, but it always seems to affect everything.

Anyway, I just realized that for the past 4 weeks, I’ve had something going on every single weekend… this past weekend, we thankfully had Monday off, so I joined my friends at the beach Sunday and Monday, after resting up on Saturday.  

All us teachers are in a routine, for sure… we know our schedules all too well, which makes procrastinating a regular part of every day (at least for me).  I’m really looking forward to being done, and going home, so it’s been a struggle lately to remain here in my heart and attitude.

This weekend we have some big plans, Chicago is here in Bangkok, so on Friday the 13th (yea.. I know!) we will get all dressed up and head out to see the show!  Then on the 14th.. Valentine’s Day, yes, GES has a booth we have to work at and I as the Music teacher have to put together some special music for.  Anyway… should be fun.

Sorry, this blog is way boring, maybe I’ll think of more interesting things to write about later!  Miss you all.

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