almost the end of another week

Hello friends,

It’s almost Friday; I’m about to go to sleep which means I’ll wake in a few hours and begin another day!  So, I’ve decided I’m going to begin blogging about some of the every day happenings of my life here at GES, just to give you a better glance of my life these days!

Also, here again is the link to my pictures, which I am continually updating!  We just celebrated the Thai Buddhist holiday “Loy Kathrong” (I don’t know if that’s spelled correctly!), and have some fun pictures from that!

This is a short update, but check out this video from today.  We’re learning songs for our Christmas Program, and when Grade 3 began singing through this song, I was about to cry it was so sweet!  Anyway, they figured out my plot and began waving at the camera, but enjoy my sweet Grade 3 students singing about loving God!

3 thoughts on “almost the end of another week

  1. Hi Baby-

    Missing you alot today! Couldn’t watch video (Social Networking is blocked) We will leave around 1:00 on Friday to go to Portland for the State Football game and then Mom and I will stay two more days to mini-celbrate our 25th!

    Praying daily for you and your health! Lots of Love always!


  2. That video is precious. You have some talented singers there! Hmm, maybe I can get a video of my Korean kids…what a good idea!

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