October break

The stress of report cards and grading is over.  This week has been MUCH more relaxed, and right now my Grade 4 Music class and myself are enjoying “The Sound of Music”.  Very educational.  Definitely.

So October break is just a matter of days away, and I can’t wait!  The strange thing is that when we return, it will be November, which is just weird!  Things here are just as warm as ever, though I’ve noticed it’s getting slightly cooler, either that or just the humidity hasn’t been quite as awful as it normally can be.  It’s still a pleasant, and sometimes unbearable, 85-100 degrees F. I still just can’t get over the fact that this has been the “longest summer ever”, since back in the states things are really cooling down.  

I should also mention that once I return from October break, we will be half way done with the school year, which also means half way done with my time here in Thailand!  It’s strange to think… the time has really been going by quickly.  But, just like during any race, the point where you turn around and retrace your steps back to the finish-line are often the most difficult, and mentally the most exhausting.  Keep myself, and all my fellow teachers in your prayers.

So, for our much anticipated break, myself and 3 of my friends will be flying out on Saturday to Cambodia (as I’ve talked about MANY times in my blog!).  We will spend about 10 days relaxing on the beach, going to remote islands, hiking, exploring, singing (I’m bringing my guitar, OF COURSE!), and having a good old time!  We’ll be going to a remote island called “Bamboo Island” where we will have our own bungalows for about $15 USD a night.  We’ll get to go on boat rides around the island to watch the sunset, and during that they catch fish that are then cooked up for dinner at night!  I’m so excited!!!  (Can you tell??).  It’s been a long few weeks, and it will be so nice to relax, sleep, and really think through the last 5 months of my life here in Thailand.  After our trip, a few of us will head up north to Chiang Mai (the second largest city in Thailand).  We’ll do some sight seeing, rent motorbikes, hike around, and CHILL!

Anyway, my lack of sleep is definitely catching up with me this week!  It’s been taking me longer and longer to fall asleep at night which means that I’m definitely dragging now.  Pray that I can get rest over the break!  I really need it!

Anyway, when we come back, I am in full swing to start us on learning songs for the Christmas Programs (yes, I said programS) that I am in charge of.  There is one program for the younger, then one for 4th through 12th.  But anyway, this blog is about VACATION, not stressing about school, which I tend to do WAY too much!

Alright, well I will be out of touch for the next couple weeks, as I’m not going to bring my distraction of facebook and my labtop with me.  Pray for safety during our flights, train rides, bus rides etc… It should be a very restful time that God has given to us!

Blessings and peace,
Meridith Rae

One thought on “October break

  1. I miss you Miss Meri! I miss your encouragement and your perspective. You are so grounded with the Lord and it never wavers. You have been blessed with such an awesome experience and you are so willing and present to do God’s work. I am a little jealous. I wonder if I will ever become a teacher.

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