Just Me

Somehow He has chosen me.
Somehow He – God the Father – looks over my faults and sees perfection, by the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.
Somehow I’ve been made beautiful.


I am married to Scott, the love of my life and presently reside in Oklahoma where we both serve in ministry.


My interests range from music, to theology, to health and wellness, and even to Star Wars.  On my website, you’ll find my candid thoughts, as well as formal theological papers, and I hope what the Lord is doing in my own life will bless yours.

For music or any music inquiries, please email me at meridithmatson@gmail.com.



One thought on “Just Me

  1. Meredith, my wife and I are moving to Bangkok and I was interested in gathering any tips and/or any information you might lend to somehow moving over long-term. I am going to poke around your blog for information if that is okay. Finding information on living in Thailand from expat websites is terribly unhelpful (or simply jumps into information for which I am not interested in).

    Hope all is well with you!

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